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News & Tips


GameParty Vol. 12 - An other galaxy

The twelfth party catapulted us into another galaxy. Once again, what we experienced were... Review >>>

Pictures and videos are online

The pictures and videos of the party 2/24/2018 are online >>>

Please note: Agenda updated

Please check our updated Agenda, we had to modify some entries. Agenda >>>

The English version of our wesbite is online now

A warm welcome to all our English-speaking friends! Please explore our English version of the website.
A big Thank you at this place to Fabio and Michael, our translators!

Pictures and videos are online

The pictures and videos of the party 12/16/2017 are online >>>

GameParty Vol. 11 - Pure Magic

Pure magic, great mood, lots of eroticism and tolerance we were able to experience at our eleventh party... Review >>>

More news in German!
For older news, please check the german version on our website. >>>
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Dear gamers, dear party friends

The summer break is now slowly ending and it's time to get back to our next party with a new impetus - BUT: first, a new club must be found!
We have decided - not least due to your feedbacks - to find a club that suits better your and our needs.

Should you have any suggestions or even relationships with clubs, please do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : we are open to all of your ideas and suggestions.

As soon as we know how and where we will go on with our parties, we will inform you by means of our website, our Facebook page and our newsletter.

Your GameParty Team
Roger, Fabrizio and Marco