December 16 2017:
GameParty Vol. 11, Bananenreiferei


Review of the party


Dear Gamers, dear party friends

Pure magic, great mood, lots of eroticism and tolerance we were able to experience at our eleventh party.

Tolerance? Our motto "BE AS YOU ARE AND BE TOLERANT" was relived and so gays, lesbians and heteros had the possibility – once again - to celebrate together peacefully.

Many thanks to our guests for the great atmosphere, many thanks to the DJs who went the extra mile and many thanks to the helpers for their tireless work behind the scenes.

Your GameParty team




Dear Gamers, dear party friends

We will be glad to celebrate our eleventh party with you. As usual, the decoration will be the coolest one, the sound system will be super and everything will be prepared so that you cannot but feel good. Obviously, we remain loyal to our distinctive sound style "Progressive-Goa-Techno".

"Be as you are and be tolerant" remains always our guiding principle and, as always, you are kindly invited to be like you are. You can also live out your fetish - be it paint, leather, rubber, sports, uniform or whatever else you like. Light effects, sound and a tolerant audience let you immerse yourself in a crackling erotic mood.



*** Frisk ***



*** Galax ***



*** Upspace ***



*** Mad Dirigent ***



And we will pamper you and all our guests with:

  • Deko: *Space-UV* *Laser* *LED* *Decoteam*
  • Fair bar prices
  • Massive Soundsystem
  • Lightshow
  • Friendly Security


Entrance CHF 25.-, 18 years and above

We are looking forward to seeing you soon
Your GameParty Team